What is this new religion?

The Disco Liberation Movement is a new religion of freedom and peace. Understand that becoming free and being peaceful is the religion.

We all have to wake up now. We have to stop being lazy and fearful and unconscious. Confronting our own unconsciousness is how we will become free and peaceful.

We have to read. We have to learn. We have to grow. We have to work hard to change ourselves from within, then the world around us will change, too.

Why is it a religion? Because a religion is something we can commit to, something we can believe in, a psychic and spiritual vessel that can help guide us when we become lost or confused. The human psyche has a built in religious mechanism. One way or another, all humans need to have religious experiences. Having a religious practice therefore taps into this inherent psychic structure and satisfies its needs. The old religions have failed humanity, they just create more and more strife, so it is time for a new religion—one that offers freedom and peace unequivocally to all and does not privilege masculine values over feminine values.

We need a new religion that isn’t creepy, old, tired, sexist, misogynist, racist, hateful, angry, unforgiving, and disempowering.

Our new religion offers a balanced approach that gives equal value to life’s inevitable dichotomies, a religion that values the mysterious and the transcendent just as much as it values the known and the imminent.

What does this religion consist of?

There are two main branches, both of which lead to liberation—1) taking personal responsibility, and 2) dancing.

Taking personal responsibility means understanding that besides the waking day-life of our excitable egos, we all have a profound psychological life, a deep soul life, and that this other inner life is just as real and just as important as our “real” life.

Taking personal responsibility means knowing that our inner life exerts itself just as vigorously as our “normal” life does and that our unconsciousness around the behaviors and movements of this inner world is what causes the trouble we see in our world and in our personal lives. WE are creating it all with our own unconsciousness.

Taking personal responsibility means developing a thoughtful relationship with this inner side of ourselves. This allows us to see our own inner dynamics so that we can stop projecting our fears and anxieties onto external elements such as other people, political figures, or social causes.

Taking personal responsibility means seeing the way anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, and rage are all our own stuff, that we all have these darker elements within us and that we must work hard on the inner level to find healthy ways to coexist with our darkness. We cannot keep projecting this darkness onto others while glibly believing that we ourselves are pure and filled only with love and light, or believing that only our cause is just while everyone else’s is stupid and wrong.

Taking personal responsibility means seeing the way we are controlled and dominated by the media and how we willingly give our power away everyday through our ceaseless consumption habits, and through our clicking, scrolling, liking, tweeting. It means seeing how we ourselves allow ourselves to be dominated and exploited, no one is doing it to us! It means stopping our bad habits of consumption and unplugging from the machine of the hive mind. Our phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, watches—these are the digital umbilical cords which keep our chakras connected to the Relic Consciousness, the consciousness of the old patriarchal fathers whose values have given us the rapidly self-destructing world we now live in.

Taking personal responsibility means seeing how our own infantile consciousnesses, our own shallowness, our power-hungriness, our weaknesses, and our addictions to fame, to money, to status—these all contribute to how events in the world unfold around us. We want to believe that what we do on inner and outer levels is separate from the way reality around us is created, but that’s a complete lie. Every single thought we think, word we speak, and action we commit in the world affects the reality we all experience.

Dancing means listening to your favorite music and dancing, a lot. Everyday if possible, but once a week, alone or with friends, at a minimum.

Dancing allows the body to relax and express itself by pouring itself imaginally into the music which holds the power of love inside of it.

Dancing is a direct road to love and freedom and when done regularly, it chips away at the monolithic mental structures that keep us imprisoned in limiting views about what is and isn’t possible, in our lives, in our worlds, in our development as a species.

Dancing is one of those amazing practices that anyone can do, even those who say they can’t. Those who think they can’t dance are just a little insecure but sooner or later everyone ends up on the dance floor when everyone else is dancing. Dancing is fun and infectious and brings everyone together, with dancers forming a secret bond that permeates their day to day life and gives them strength and perseverance. It is also highly personal, with each and every person having their own beautiful and unique style of movement.

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