Sermon # 24 The Billion-Faced God

Wow, I’m so excited about this week’s sermons. There’s a lot of wisdom here, in words and music, which is what songs are, after all. I hope you enjoy what’s here as much as I have enjoyed bringing it forth this morning. Every Sunday I become a mother, again and again.

Twenty-Third Broadcast Sermon

I’m so excited because I finally figured how to record my musical sets so that I can add about an hour of music to accompany the verbal sermons. It’s a big part of the experience I envision creating for you all so I’m glad it’s here.

This week, we explore death and the underworld. No scaredy-cats! If you’re still afraid of the dark, this is exactly for you. If you are used to surfing dark and light waves with equal vigor, first of all, good for you! Second of all, dive in, let’s sojourn in the deep for a bit together.

Twenty-First Broadcast Sermon

I explore the way the mind does its business in our consciousness and how to create a good synergy with its movements so that we are able to accomplish the goals that brought us to this life.

The song is a great one. Close your eyes, dance, and listen. Lazarus wasn’t dead literally, he was dead emotionally. You can be your own Christ figure, and you can rescue your soul from deadened inheritances that keep you stuck in the tomb. Arise and make it happen!

Eighteenth Broadcast Sermon

I don’t have first-hand knowledge of how pregnancies go, but I think we are past the first trimester and have entered into the second. In about nine weeks, the second trimester will end and the third and final one will begin and that will last thirteen more weeks. So, by the time the DLM is nine months old, there will hopefully be a healthy, rosy-cheeked, yowling, blubbering baby who is nevertheless exceedingly beautiful and magical. This baby will have to be cared for and raised up, which takes about eighteen more years.

To those who listen to these sermons and feel impatient for absolute perfection and no errors I say: take a chill pill. This is a long-term opus that will grow and grow. I can’t promise you perfection, only the pursuit of deepest wisdom. And that is a simultaneously progressive and labyrinthine enterprise with many twists and turns.

Let’s take it one day at a time. We ARE each other. When you are mean to me, it’s because you can’t be kind to yourself. When I am impatient with you, I am being impatient with myself.

Let’s grow together, it’s fun!

Seventeenth Broadcast Sermon

It’s weird typing numbers in letters. They start to look like alien words you’ve never seen before.

So excited to share this week’s sermon with you and also the special song that goes with this week’s sermon.

Remember, if you feel weird about dancing at first, all you have to do is listen with your headphones, close your eyes, and sway from side to side. That is enough to get the magic flowing. And if you do that for a few minutes everyday, your life will slowly change. Your attachments to viewpoints will start to soften and you can start to let go of all the mental constructs that hinder you all day long.

Sixteenth Broadcast Sermon

Sixteen sermons! Wow, a lot of material is being covered here and I have been at it officially for four months. This week, I talk more about how to know ourselves better so we can know what it is we are really contributing to our reality and so we can leave the labyrinth of self-delusion behind.

Also, this Friday I will hold my first lecture. As of right now I’m a little wobbly on the Youtube setup and don’t have a Youtube Live link set up yet but you can log onto to which is the link to my Youtube channel and my live lecture will be there as of 7:00 PM EST. It’s only twenty minutes long and a small audience will share a question and answer session. Hope you will join us!


Fifteenth Broadcast Sermon

The link between misogyny and religion is explored.

I feel a little strange today, like I’m still asleep or like I’m writing all this and doing all this still in my dream world. I hope it makes sense and I hope you enjoy the music!

Fourteenth Broadcast Sermon

I speak about magic this week, about how we have immense power as creative magicians. I also speak about crows and I forgot to mention that the crow is a sacred animal of Apollo and a carrier of prophetic wisdom. I think we all have the capacity to access prophetic realms. But we have to clarify ourselves before that can happen. To clarify means to make clear, to make uncloudy. I talk about ways to achieve a state of un-cloudiness.

Remember to dance, you great black flying bird!

Remember yourself.

Thirteenth Broadcast Sermon

I’ve just returned from a long trip to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara for school and feel I learned a great deal during this time. I’m noticing a nice kind of fearlessness develop inside me where I am starting to see challenges as new incoming information rather than threats to be avoided. I’m mentioning it because I think it could help you to also see your life challenges as opportunities for growth, even when they seem very painful. Pain isn’t as bad as we generally think it is. It is where growth happens.

I hope you enjoy this week’s sermon. Your feedback and comments are always appreciated.

Twelfth Broadcast Sermon

This week’s sermon comes to you from sunny California. It was a good weekend of learning at PGI where I am busy getting an education. Sorry the sermon was late this week.

Remember to do some dancing—our fears love to dance.

Eleventh Broadcast Sermon

Today’s sermon is really special. I can feel my confidence growing. It’s always a risky enterprise to come around and say you hear the voice of the goddess telling you to do things. Certainly, the ego will imbue the enterprise with all sorts of fears. Nevertheless, my confidence is growing and I think it shows in this sermon.

Remember to dance. It will give you the courage this sermon asks of you to cultivate.

Tenth Broadcast Sermon

I just had some flyers printed and I’m going to start courting more and more listeners. I believe it’s called proselytizing. I must spread the Gospel according to Disco. My work here is a little lopsided since my weekly dance party is not live on Youtube yet, but that party—which will happen on Sundays from 1-6PM EST—is the musical version of my verbal sermon. Soon, the two will come together and this whole project will take flight in ways none of us can even imagine right now. The music and dancing become a kind of magic spell that helps us open the door to the spiritual depths we are trying to plumb.

Beginning on the last Friday of August, I will be holding a monthly lecture series at Kosmos entitled, ”Why You Need A New Religion.” It will be live on Youtube as well so mark your calendars for that and check back on the website for the link.

For now, please enjoy this week’s bit of wisdom and remember to dance.

Ninth Broadcast Sermon

I just realized I never numbered this sermon in the audio! I guess the habit has finally been kicked.

This week I talk about the emotional world and how we can learn to dance with our inner beings instead of fighting, resisting, and fearing them.

Remember to dance, and remember that to dance is both an inward and an outward act.

Eighth Broadcast Sermon

Summer Madness is upon us, sweet ones. It’s high noon, weather-wise. I hope you are all feeling motivated today to grow strong and evolve and become. On the journey there will be dark times, too. No need to fear the dark, it’s just another part of the way things flow.

Remember to dance after listening to this sermon. Soon, we will dance together live on Youtube. Stay in-tune for that!

Seventh Broadcast Sermon

Greetings! This week’s sermon is pretty cool.

Please remember to dance. Dancing will liberate your heart and your soul so that you can become a useful congregant in our new religion of freedom and peace.

Together, we will give birth to new gods and change consciousness to reflect values that uphold life-affirming attitudes in all areas of our lives.

Sixth Broadcast sermon

Greetings! This week I explain what I mean by the word religion and why we need to take it back as our own, reclaim it as our spiritual birthright. I also say a lot of other things. Apologies for the audio imperfections, I tried to re-record but each time I tried something went wrong again. The originality of my first go round wanted to remain preserved.

Please remember to dance this week and remember that verbally enunciating negative observations and viewpoints does not make bad/sad stuff go away, it just reinforces it.

Be careful what you say, be even more careful what you think.

Fifth Broadcast Sermon

Howdy to all and sundry. This week I speak about the need for personal responsibility in our day to day lives. I explain why many of us have a hard time with this and why it is important to overcome whatever resistances we have and get to a place of personal responsibility. The health of our world depends upon each of us waking and growing up. Enjoy your week as you consider these issues and don’t forget to dance.