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What Is The Disco Liberation Movement’s Philosophy?

The Disco Liberation Movement is a new religion of freedom and peace. This is a point I will repeat over and over until it really sinks in. 

The DLM is a new religion that seeks to supplant the old patriarchal gods of religion, money, power, war, competition, and domination. The DLM is a new paradigmatic religion for a new age of peace and freedom. The old days are dying, they are over. The new days are coming and with them a new, awakened human consciousness that no longer allows itself to be manipulated and exploited by systems of inequality and injustice. This is nowhere more important than in the liberation of women from thousands of years of oppression by masculine domination in all areas of life. 

With the mass awakening of the mothers and sisters and daughters of the world, along with the men who are sick of war and destruction and competition and domination, a balance between masculine and feminine principles can return so that all the daily practices of our species will shift toward fair and equitable procedures. Only by demanding freedom for all and total, unequivocal world peace can we change the course of human destiny. The masculine dominated systems and interests of the world will not submit to this change willingly, so we will reject and boycott their systems by turning to feminine activities, behaviors, and values. This means that we will unplug our minds from the Relic Consciousness of the old fathers in all its manifestations: religion and religious practice, pedagogy, mass media, and mass consumerism.

Turning to feminine values does not mean the abolition of men, manhood, or masculinity. It simply means reaching a consciousness where feminine values such as compassion, mercy, peace, and love are not systematically devalued, as in, “Stop crying! What are you, a girl?” Feeling deep emotions and expressing them are wonderful and necessary psychospiritual outlets for the human organism and if we let our men feel their emotions instead of penalizing them we wouldn’t have all this war and competition and destruction.

The DLM teaches the philosophy of personal responsibility. You and I and everyone else—we are each personally responsible for the things we think and say and do in and it is our collective beliefs and behaviors that generate reality as we know it. We can no longer blame everything we don’t like on “the other side,” whether it’s Trump or the Liberals or any other boogieman/woman we use as scapegoats to avoid taking responsibility for our own odious behaviors. 

To be personally responsible, we need to have a strong, awakened, and courageous consciousness. We cannot be an infant consciousness walking around in the body of a grown up. Only children cry and blame someone else when something goes wrong. Are you a child or a grown up? It’s a serious question worth reflecting upon. Tweeting endlessly about the faults of others will never change the world. It only makes you another enraged infant slinging mud on the playground. It doesn’t matter if the mud you are slinging is particularly erudite. You are still slinging mud and believing it will create non-mud. If you want change, you have to change yourself from the inside. And you can only do this by liberating your mind from the Relic Consciousness, cultivating and nurturing a broadly awakened consciousness that rejects violence in all of its manifestations. Peace and freedom begin within our own selves. Until we can say we are peaceful, life-affirming, life-protecting, upholders of freedom inside our own selves, we are not helping but hindering.

What Is The Relic Consciousness?

The Relic Consciousness is the consciousness most of us have today. It is a consciousness that believes everything the media emits. It is a victim mentality that thinks only identity politics, or reproductive rights issues, or gender equality issues, or religious freedom issues will bring it freedom—it thinks it can achieve freedom from within its own archaic and limiting belief systems. It is a mentality that believes in poverty and lack and continually reinforces this belief either by promoting inequality or by insisting that there is poverty and lack and that we must start a revolution to combat it. It is a mental structure that does not know its own power and so repeats and continually recreates whatever it has been taught since childhood. The Relic Consciousness is a perspective that believes in its own truth so much that nothing outside of it becomes possible.

The Relic Consciousness consists of our old religions, our beliefs about economic systems and financial behaviors, our day to day habits and belief systems about what is and is not possible. It is there when we say, “I can’t do that because I am poor,” or “I can’t do that because women are not allowed,” or “I can't do that because the Liberals/Republicans won’t let me.” It is an internal bureaucracy that operates in the mind and determines reality by forcing us to believe in it. It dominates human consciousness through mass media—movies, books, magazines, TV shows, news programs, advertising, consumerism, sports shows, social media, most websites, the teaching programs in most of our schools and institutions of “higher” learning, and the never-ending freakshow we call politics.

From the moment we are born, we are plugged in to this Relic Consciousness and fed a series of limiting beliefs about the nature of reality. We are told only God (the bearded and transcendent Man in the Sky) has power and that we are filthy sinners whose bodies are sinful, and that our beauty, our sexuality, and our natural ways of love and camaraderie should be bottled up since everyone is an enemy, that we should be quiet and not rock the boat. We are taught that our country, our religion, our community—that these are superior and that the others with different countries and religions and skin colors and sexual preferences need to be dominated and even killed so that we can protect our country, protect our way of life, protect our ideologies. We are taught that we have to viciously compete with others in order to succeed, and achieve, and be somebody, the more, the better—growth, advancement, bigger, larger, more, more, more—at any cost.

These are all masculine ideas that are forced on us the moment we are born. It is impossible not to be infected with these values on some level. Virtually everything we believe and know has come from the Relic Consciousness. I call it a relic because it is old and tired and archaic and so stupid and inefficient and ultimately—booooooring. Ugh. Aren’t you sick of it?

What Is The Practice of the DLM?

Each of us has the power to change the world. The way to change the world is so simple, yet the most difficult thing at the same time—you have to change yourself. You have to stop telling other people what their problem is and start looking at your own problems. Believe me, you have a ton of them, as do we all. You need to start pointing at yourself that same unforgiving, judgemental finger you so easily point at others with such disdain and arrogance. See if you can handle it!

So this, in a nutshell, is the philosophy and practice of the DLM—unplug your mind from the mass media domination machine of the Relic Consciousness and transform into an awakened being which is what you already are, anyway. You just have to stop burying yourself under the mud and muck of archaic ideas.

The “Gospel” According to Disco

Disco is not a musical genre, it is a religious state of mind that harbors and cultivates love, beauty, joy, and harmony, especially while dancing, either alone or together in a group. Cultivating love, joy, beauty, and harmony does not mean that now there will be no more pain, sorrow, darkness, or fear! Life contains all things, including the dark side, the side many of us fear. The point of cultivating a religious attitude of love and reverence is that we grow to love even the darkness and when we can see the darkness in ourselves we can be more compassionate when we see it in others, too. This is how we take personal responsibility for our own stuff.

The DLM encourages the practice and cultivation of inner peace and freedom from the Relic Consciousness and its language of war. We do this by dancing! There is nothing like dancing to bring people together. It is like an instant elixir, a magic wand that takes away all acrimony and makes people laugh and smile and be-in-joy together. This new religion is suggesting that we should stop feeding like crazed zombies on the “content” that is generated by the Relic Consciousness—content that is designed to keep us enraged and enslaved in limiting perspectives—and start dancing instead.

Playing music and dancing is a daily practice like meditation and it is vastly liberating. It can replace our aggressive impulses to fight and compete with a harmonious inner dynamic that has space for a variety of emotions. The key is to feel your own emotions inwardly and not feel like you have to immediately express them to others. These emotions are yours, you have to deal with them! No one else is making you have these emotions, they are coming from inside of you! You can get to know your inner world through dancing because different songs constellate different emotions so you can feel your way through all the varieties of experiences with the advantage that you haven’t attacked anyone and you haven’t generated negativity and harmfulness in the world. On the contrary, after an hour of dancing, you have generated beauty and compassion and freedom and peace energy and put it into the world. Through dancing, you can commune with your own soul who is the creator of emotions. Your emotions are intensely valuable for they guide you through your amazing and complex inner life! We can’t turn our backs on our inner lives, we can’t fear our darkness and our rage. We must dance with them, we must embrace them and integrate them into the totality of our consciousness. This way we become whole and re-membered and we can be all of ourselves all of the time instead of being in pieces.

So that’s it. Stop feeding on the negativity, stop upholding and practicing negative masculine values like competition and domination, stop blaming others and take responsibility for what you have added to the totality of reality, and start dancing.

Dance, play, make art, write, hike, garden, cook, walk, swim, travel, help others, read. Go inward and engage with your inner world—what’s going on in there? Is there rage? Why? Where did the rage come from? Don’t be afraid! You are so powerful and so loving and so kind and creative!

Let’s dance and be love. Let’s stop fighting. Let’s bring joy to one another. We can do it.